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My Very Own Lith - Befriend, dominate, seduce, or get dominated by a catboy. Text-based adult Candy Shop: Honey Pop: Hentai sex game by Roninsong.

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TCMSMar 8, Mar 9, 2. Genres - All sex, seduction, striptease, handling a puddy tat, etc.

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Mar 10, 3. SouleaterMar 10, Aazkaal and Kipper10 like this. Mar 10, 4.

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TheImageMar 10, Mar 10, 5. Mar 11, 6. If the puddy tat doesn't have a headache and is agreeable and in a good mood, I do pet them or lick them.

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Apr 13, 7. Muff DiverApr 13, To have them accidentally involve a fetish they don't like could potentially break their experience!

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I have liyh reason my very own lith be rude to people criticizing the game x3 If anything, I feel like I don't get enough criticism, though I'll admit that's usually more in the sense that I want feedback on individual scenes and how they "worked" or didn't for people.

I'll admit feedback amounting to "rewrite massive vwry of the game to suit my interests" can be a little frustrating xP But when everybody's asking star wars porn games it, well, it doesn't hurt to at my very own lith consider what I can do to Mercury Flash the game a little more appealing to those people!

I feel like you're going down a list of things I my very own lith planned for the game's future x3 I don't know if you've reached the Wooden Door yet, but that entire area was created as a way to start experimenting with more unusual content in a small, llth way.

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So once you're comfortable with Lith, my very own lith you want, you can try out some kinkier stuff with him, but you'll have some warning, at least x3 Of course, that's not to say vety I'll hit EVERYone's fetishes and such-- this will just be a place where I can delve into things that both Lith and I are comfortable adult erotic games interested in to some degree.

Hopefully that will give enough variety my very own lith experience to excite most folks one way or another, haha.

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You can hit in either, but generally time will tick by before you can go to the screen to check it, so you'll only ever see 99 x3 Maxing out both of them at the same time is pretty impossible, if my very own lith what you mean.

And you can unlock all three collars, but you can only ever put one collar on Lith in a single playthrough.

Everyone is shocked and feels like it showed up too suddenly the first time they get the sad Lith ending. It can be a tough lesson, pokkaloh you're swept up osn having fun with Lith, that you have verj pay attention for signs that something's wrong.

He won't right out talk about it on his own until it's just too much to bear If you rig my very own lith just right, you can unlock all three collars but only summon onewhich gets you lots of points x3 But seeing as my very own lith a collar is, in turn, the beginning of the second half of the game, and each collar gives a similar but different experience for what comes after I'm glad mu liking it: So technically, not whitney porn can you see it, but it'll be commemorated forever on that file x3.

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I know it's YOUR oc, but is there plans for a future ver. Giving Lith a vagina basically means rewriting every sex scene in the game!

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But due to overwhelming demand, yes, I've been working on adding this feature on the side. This will become clearer with time, but these deeper facets are better drawn out with external stimulus. my very own lith

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And as any scientist will tell you, you cannot observe something without affecting it in some way. In my very own lith with Lith, you are manipulating him, encouraging certain traits. Lith has several conflicts within himself, though one lies most grievous at his busty games core.

There are many ways that he could resolve these issues, and many of them have festered for much too long.

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With your help, over the course of this game, you will resolve these issues, one way or another. Each of these resolutions is an ending.

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The game ends when you find Lith some kind of resolution for his internal conflicts. My Very Own Lith is a game about exploring a soul, and in the process, bringing it to redemption. Get to know him, and my very own lith him.

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Have fun, feel things, and grow. This Apartment Deal what I ask of you, the player, and it is what I align every word I write on this project toward accomplishing.

Flexible Survival continues to reign supreme though.

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Leopard Spotted White Tiger Gender: Single, pith permanent Postcount: If you're interested in more of a graphic-novel dating sim style than vfry text based like CoC, there's a Japanese of course one called Morenatsu that's pretty good. There's my very own lith fan translation of it. I don't really remember where I was able to find it, it was a bit hard to dig up after Flower Bud heard about it, and does require some patching to get it to work The player is a human teen, who you never simbro version 2.5 except in the veryy for the yiff scenes, going back to his hometown for summer vacation where all his childhood anthro friends still live, and well dating sim, so choose your pursuit, follow the story, and try to make sure my very own lith vacation ends memorably with that special someone you grew up with.

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News:Giving Lith a vagina basically means rewriting every sex scene in the game! But due to overwhelming demand, yes, I've been working on.

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