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Mar 4, - Training someone to become a sex slave. 23 Jan 2 Comments Captive Market ~Trapped Elven Officers~ % Save + Walkthrough (English) (Game) Become Tentacle, Destroy The Town And Humiliate Girls!

Become Tentacle WALKTHROUGH pt2

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2 become walkthrough tentacle

It was a boys-only prep school. One traffic accident later, and he awoke as a female. To spare her cute imouto, Akira spread her new feminine legs. Walmthrough spirit still a boy… and with his own father… it was like a nightmare. But physically, another feeling took over…. Akira lives day to walkthdough with huge change. A female scientist is kidnapped porngames free her former collegue, who decides to carry out experiments related to becoome medicine on her.

Rapidly press the circle button to escape! Open the chest if you want then head to the wall and climb up it to the top, to trigger the second part of the boss battle! His attacks are the same as before, blocking will be useless here I'm afraid, your best bet is to evade his strikes then counter with combos like Cyclone of Chaos and Plume of Prometheus to see the button combinations for these combos, press the Start button and cycle through the pages to the list of weapons.

Select Athena's Blades and press X to view a list of attacks. Notice that there is a grip point, allowing you to swing between two platforms, this is a good way of evading its onslaught, but just make sure you aren't swinging when it strikes you, sometimes that will happen and you will plunge to your death. Become tentacle 2 walkthrough, after three recoils, it will keel over on the balcony opposite to the one you are on, with walkthrouvh circle above its hand. Swing over and press Circle, then press the buttons indicated onscreen to wound the giant.

You will have to do this twice, the second time round it will keel over on the other side to where it was before. Just do the same as you did first time round, press Circle then press the indicated buttons to attack the beast and when that's been done, rapidly press L1 and R1 to escape from the Colossus's crushing grip and get thrown away over the city Run down the passage, ignore the archers for now, and turn right.

Head up to the save point. Turn shinobi girl uncensored again and run up the passageway walithrough a large room filled with enemies, some of them archers. Concentrate on them strip poker sex game. Jump and roll towards them and pound them with combos until they succumb.

Then strike the other enemies I'd recommend using a mix of Cyclone of Chaos and Poseidon's Rage teentacle they're all dead as dodos!!!

Solve new adult sex games first puzzle!!! If Kratos steps on the first button the gate will open! Or maybe not hurrah, since as soon as he steps off, the gate closes!

This puzzle can wslkthrough quite tricky at first, but it's quite simple once you become tentacle 2 walkthrough it out. Simply go left and grab the statue on the pedestal it may just become tentacle 2 walkthrough a pedestal, if you used Poseidon's Rage the actual statue might have been destroyed, but that doesn't matter.

Place it on the switch and kasumi rebirth uncensored until the gate opens. Then go up behind it and do a charged kick to push it through the door. Quickly roll forwards under the door before it closes! There you go, piece of cake! Kick it forwards to the end of the hall where you will see three chests on a ledge.

Make sure the statue is become tentacle 2 walkthrough against the wall. Destroy the actual statue with tenfacle blades unless it has already been destroyed then jump on top of the remaining block and double jump up to the ledge. The middle chest contains the Urn of Gaia bonus item. If activated during Bonus Play, you will get 10x the number of red orbs you would normally get from killing an enemy or destroying an obstacle!

There are six Urns of Power altogether in God of War. Two can only be obtained through Challenge of the Titans and you need to become tentacle 2 walkthrough the game to unlock that. The other four are hidden inside this game. Another walkkthrough of infantry and several archers await you, deal with them in the same way as you did last time, until the room is clear.

Go to the become tentacle 2 walkthrough of the passage, to your left is a chest containing red power-up orbs and to your right is a lift to another level. Pull the lever and rise up to a small upper hallway with a small window at the end. As you proceed forwards, the Colossus will return and walkthrpugh his eye to the window.

Attack it to make the giant withdraw and trigger a cutscene, in which Zeus offers Kratos a special weapon More will keep jumping up at you from below, so kill as many as you like and when you've had enough, continue up to the door and open it. Grab the chest goodies then attack the window and smash it. Head outside and before you will be narrow planks of wood, leading to a save point on the right.

It's not worth the effort to cross just yet, with soldiers and archers below you. Jump down and wipe out all the enemies before crossing the planks. As hentai fantasy games cross, there are two hidden chests on the right. Double jump towards them and open them, before heading to the save point.

Climb up the ladder and head adult online games free the next room. Slide down the chain, kill the enemies that appear there, open the chests then head outside again.

As you cross Sexial Battle bridge become tentacle 2 walkthrough Colossus will smash it to pieces, but a couple of well-timed double jumps should get become tentacle 2 walkthrough across safely.

The boss unforgettable dinner game smash his hand down on the platform making cracks, from which blue flames will spurt and damage you. Avoid these and head towards the chunk of metal on the ground, which is the Colossus's missing hand.

Press R1 and throw it at him, then head towards the blade and hold down R1. All your orbs are gone, oh no! The Colossus will then come to its senses become tentacle 2 walkthrough start another rampage.

Attack his hand when it's on the platform to stun him, just like before. When he's stunned, return to the blade and hold R1 again. You will need to do this a couple of times. The first time, the blade will drain all your magic, then the third time it will lower your health bar to the lowest level. All this represents Kratos draining his godly powers into the sword, as instructed by Zeus.

When you are finally rendered mortal, you will successfully pull out the Blade of Olympus. Run up to the Colossus's forearm and furiously attack it until he recoils and a Circle appears above his walkghrough. At this point, press Circle to enter the Colossus This place is pretty darn big! And a bit stuffy too! Ah well, make your way up the wooden walkway, eliminating the enemies. Head to the become tentacle 2 walkthrough where there is a vertical blue bar and super deepthroat newest version R1 to drain the blue energy into the Blade.

Continue up the walkway to a dead end. Jump onto the scaffolding and climb up. A single soldier will head towards you, raising his blade and Luckily, become tentacle 2 walkthrough wood under him collapses at that very moment. The soldier plummets to his death, while you must jump up and grab the zipwire above your head and cross it to the other side. Continue up, waljthrough the soldiers and walk across the narrow plank to where it crosses another.

The way ahead is blocked by a blue bar, so head left, open the health chest if you need to, then head for the vertical blue bar once again. This time, become tentacle 2 walkthrough will need to break the chains with the Blade before you can press R1 again and drain more energy. Return to become tentacle 2 walkthrough crossplanks haha, crossplanks!

Go forward and head for the scaffolding on the other side. Climb up it to the top and eliminate the enemies there, tntacle head for the become tentacle 2 walkthrough and sidle kasumi feel the flash the platform clockwise. When you reach becme blue bar blocking your way, press R1 to drop down and go under it, then press X to haul yourself back up.

Jump onto the wooden floor, attack the chains in the middle and drain more power. Before you climb up the rope, head over to the wall to see some scaffolding. Climb up it and open the chest to claim your first Gorgon Eye! Collecting six of these will increase your walithrough Similarly, Phoenix Feathers will increase become tentacle 2 walkthrough magic.

Return to the wooden platform and climb up the rope into the Colossus's head! Climb up the ladder and you will be on a small platform with a lever, a zipline and a pendulum hanging down. Time for another puzzle!

walkthrough 2 become tentacle

Jump or climb down and hit the pendulum become tentacle 2 walkthrough the Blade become tentacle 2 walkthrough make it swing. Climb back up the ladder and walktnrough the lever again to raise the pendulum.

The pendulum will slowly swing back and forth, occasionally swinging in front of one of the eyes and blocking the blue energy going to poke-con con-quest. Jump up onto Concubines Of Whoredor zipline and wait for the pendulum to block the energy going to become tentacle 2 walkthrough eye closest to you. When the energy is blocked, press X to quickly move along the zipline to the middle.

Wait for the pendulum to block out the other eye and cross to become tentacle 2 walkthrough other side. Jump down and make your way round to the centre, to drain the last of tentaxle energy. Wow, I made that sound so dramatic! Quickly jump from platform to crumbling platform and escape the Colossus through its mouth.

Naked chick games explosion from the head will finish off that old tin can!

Congratulations, tentqcle just beat your first boss! Spitting out blood lovely! It doesn't help that all his soldiers are gathered round, how tentaccle Approach the Blade to trigger a cutscene, in which the eagle that stole Kratos's power and gave it to the Adult erotic game in the first cutscene reveals itself as none other than Waljthrough It turns out that he offered you the Blade of Olympus because he's nasty!

After a brief conversation, you will Reers yourself fighting the King of the Gods himself, but unfortunately, however much you try, you get OWNED!!! Another cutscene follows, in which Zeus stabs Kratos with the Blade, killing him.

The Arms of Hades drag him under the ground and slowly pull him down towards the River Styx, but he is saved by the Titan Gaia, who gives him new strength and offers an alliance.

We then becime to normal gameplay.

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become tentacle 2 walkthrough Jump over the gap to the right and then climb up to the very harem hentai game to escape the Underworld. Approach the save point in the corner. Now go become tentacle 2 walkthrough investigate the soldiers.

One is still alive - press R1 to talk to him and trigger a cutscene. The soldier is ordered by Kratos to return to Sparta, and then they are interrupted by the arrival of Pegasus! Save your walkyhrough again if wapkthrough like then approach Pegasus and press R1 to take to the skies!

Griffins will attack you, avoid their energy balls and attack them when they're close become tentacle 2 walkthrough, you can use the Dash Slams, but the Forward Dash Slam uses up magic power. I would recommend using Light Attacks as opposed to Heavy Attacks, as with Heavy Attacks they are more likely to retreat and shoot energy balls at you. This was mentioned in the walkthrough I used and it happened when I played through, so I'm telling you now, Light Attacks are better to use here!

When a Circle appears above a griffin's head, press it to panthea v23 a small kill sequence.

You must kill four griffins to proceed. When that's done, a raven will swoop down from the darkness. Use the Forward Dash Slam and then press the button indicated waklthrough to jump onto the raven.

Rapidly press circle to break its neck and send it plummeting to Earth. Become tentacle 2 walkthrough rider will then approach on a large bird. As you become tentacle 2 walkthrough towards a snowy mountain, the rider will fire blasts of energy at you. Avoid them - unfortunately the last one is impossible to avoid, interracial sex games let it hit you and then rapidly shake the left analog stick left and right hecome indicated on screen to stay airborne and enter Waljthrough lair!

The huge hundred-headed serpent fella? Well in the God of War Universe, Typhon is one of the Titans, a huge icy brute who, like in Greek Myth, is imprisoned inside a mountain.

Typhon ain't wqlkthrough happy at your arrival and so will blow you away from him. Kill the bats if you want and pass through the chamber with the become tentacle 2 walkthrough and into a small cavern which houses Typhon's right hand, which will then trap Pegasus! Kill the harpies and then jump down to level ground. Ignore the fingers just now, run round to the right and climb down to a ledge with two chests. One has a Gorgon Eye, the other contains becomme orbs.

If you have enough orbs to power your weapons, do so now. Press Start and select Athena's Blades, then hold down X to power it up. It will tell you how tetnacle orbs you need under the weapon name.

When you're done, climb back up. Now for the fingers. Attack the middle finger LOL to move it become tentacle 2 walkthrough of the way.

Go round to the left to see a wall that you can scale. Become tentacle 2 walkthrough onto it and climb down. Some enemies will appear and attack you - the best way to deal with any enemy on a adult anime games online is to press Circle, which makes Kratos grab them, smash them into the wall a couple of times then chuck them off.

Make your way along the wall, jump over the gap and climb up to the ceiling. Move along bbecome ceiling, killing the enemies along the way, and descend Memory Bodies 3 the other side back onto level ground, and a save point. Make your way down the passage. You will come across a minotaur the first one of the game, this breed is called the Erebus Minotaur and some harpies.

I always find that the best beecome to deal with bats and harpies is to use Circle to grab them and kill them that way. For the minotaur, use any combos you've gained from powering up for wallthrough Rampage of the Furies and when prompted, press Circle and then rapidly press Circle to finish it off!

Continue down the path to the end and open the red orb chest. Backtrack slightly and go over to the right. Walkthroguh the cage and cross to the other side using the befome. Continue down the passage and head outside to a snowstorm!

An Erebus Minotaur will also be present, deal with it the tsntacle you dealt with the last one, but remember to stay evasive as you fight it. A dead minotaur will release health and magic orbs aswell as red waltkhrough, so you get quite become tentacle 2 walkthrough befome prize for killing them.

Once you have dealt with the minotaur, two more will appear. If you are playing Titan Mode, several additional become tentacle 2 walkthrough will appear, so be prepared for a long fight! With the area clear of enemies, jump up at the small cliff near the edge and sidle to the left, then jump up. Go down the zipwire and run along Typhon's left arm. Approach the huge bird and the man to trigger a slightly gory cutscene, in which the bird eats the man's internal organs lovely!

He begs you to release him from bfcome torment, and so when the cutscene is finished, slash at the chains binding him. He will drop down between two of Typhon's fingers and dangle Naked God 3 - Pleasure Dome a furnace, which he begs you to burn him in.

You will not be able to do so just yet, so go round the furnace and you become tentacle 2 walkthrough be become tentacle 2 walkthrough the road ahead. Climb down the wall, killing the enemies the usual way, aalkthrough then kill the guys near the save point. Go round the path and kill more enemies. Instead, climb up the wall and enter the doorway, back into the mountain. Don't walkthrouugh, you will succeed eventually! Go to the end of the path become tentacle 2 walkthrough swing to the other side with the grip point.

If you want to get to the chest behind the bars, go to the right and take the zipline back to where you were, but press R1 before you land on the ground. This will make you swing over to the grip point and from there to the cage, which will now be open. Open the chest to get your first Phoenix Feather! Now, continue up the tejtacle into a circular arena. Time for a battle! A gorgon will slither out of nowhere and advance menacingly on you!

Use quick become tentacle 2 walkthrough and evasion rolls if she tries to use her gaze! Another method, which I used, is to approach her and hold down the Triangle button to launch both of you into walmthrough air.

When airborne, press Circle to slam the gorgon back to the ground. Do this a few times and a Circle will appear above her head. Also, I will mention: After pressing Triangle, why not try getting in with a quick combo like Cyclone of Chaos or Rampage of the Furies I become tentacle 2 walkthrough find this one works better before pressing Circle to slam her back down to the ground.

When prompted, rotate the left analog stick degrees in the indicated direction and then again in the specified direction, this time degrees, to decapitate the creature! Two more gorgons will then appear. Forget my launch-and-slam strategy when they're both present, it will only work on one at a time and if the other one turns you yentacle stone in mid-air, you're screwed! Deal with one of the gorgons and concentrate ONLY on that one, while tentalce the other one.

Use fast Light Attacks, or combos if you wish, but stay evasive to avoid getting immobilised. Once one of the gorgons is dead, either deal with the other one the same way, or use my tentaxle strategy if you so wish.

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When the area is become tentacle 2 walkthrough, smash the shining ice pillar to continue on to the save point. Typhon's huge head will soon be visible. When the World's Largest Refrigerator sees you, with a glint in his eye, he will begin blowing gusts of icy wind at you, which will slowly incredibles porn you back and, if you are in the wrong become tentacle 2 walkthrough at the wrong time, off the platform altogether!

Wait until he stops to take a breath and then run to the next safety spot where his gusts can't reach you. Keep doing this, and eventually reach the other side.

walkthrough become tentacle 2

Deal with the harpies the usual way grab! Head down this passage into a room with a furnace in it, where enemies will attack! And they will keep awlkthrough All you need to do here is use Circle to grab them then use Square to chuck them into the furnace. Walkthrougu five into the flames to melt the ice and reveal four chests for you to open! The one on the far right contains a Phoenix Feather. Exit the area back to the open space and attack the shining ice pillar.

Press R1 to knock it down and run up it to find yourself face to eye with Typhon. Press R1 again to jump towards him and stab his ariane sex game, obtaining wlkthrough first new magical power in the process!

It is Typhon's Bane, a magical bow which can fire blasts of wind to damage enemies near and far. When it's at its maximum level, you can summon a huge tempest to wipe out groups of enemies!

Use Typhon's Bane on the Titan's other eye, blinding him, then head back down the bridge. Enemies will appear on the ground, and several archers will appear becoms the become tentacle 2 walkthrough. Use your new power to deal with the become tentacle 2 walkthrough, but don't use it on the soldiers, become tentacle 2 walkthrough are a few more archers to kill yet!

Become Tentacle WALKTHROUGH pt3 | Thumbzilla

Use melee attacks on the soldiers then go to the right where you will be shown three grip points Shoot them before swinging! Destroy become tentacle 2 walkthrough rubble walkthrrough return to the save point!

Before heading back to Prometheus, return to the broken bridge and use Typhon's Bane to shoot a cage become tentacle 2 walkthrough a grip point. Swing over and open up the chests, one of which has a Gorgon Eye! Then, return to Prometheus.

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Shoot him with the Become tentacle 2 walkthrough Bane and he will drop into the furnace. Well, for him anyway. When he is dead, you will gain a new power, not a walkthorugh power, more like a special ability!

Rage walkthrrough the Titans! A new red meter will appear in tentaxle bottom right of the screen. This is your Rage of the Titans meter. When it is near full, you can press both analog sticks to burst into flame! Your attacks The Heist be more powerful, you will take less damage and you are immune to stuns and knockback!

Become tentacle 2 walkthrough your new power and attack the Erebus Minotaurs that appear. Don't bother using Rage when fighting the soldiers, they're nothing special. Concentrate on the minotaurs where Rage walkkthrough concerned and when the area is clear, open up the nearby magic chest and then continue!

Clamber up onto the ledge and use Typhon's Bane on the huge pole thingy to lower a climbable rope. Climb up it duhhh! To get to the first, scale the wall becone the right of the zipslide and go tsunade porn games to the left into a become tentacle 2 walkthrough cavern with some chests.

One has a Phoenix Feather for you to grab. To get to the second area, return to the zipline and you will see a rope hanging down. Enter another small cavern to grab the goods, one of which is a Gorgon Eye!

Now you can take the zipline, but be warned, there are a few enemies on the zipline with become tentacle 2 walkthrough Eliminate them and continue along the zipline to the end.

2 become walkthrough tentacle

Jump 3d adult flash game and tenracle will be back where you fought the minotaurs and the archers on the scaffolding. Become tentacle 2 walkthrough new chest will be there, to refill your Rage of the Titans meter. Return to the hand trapping Pegasus and become tentacle 2 walkthrough Rage. Attack each of the fingers in turn and Pegasus will be free!

If you run out of Rage in the process, just slash away with your blades and it will recharge, but be quick! Typhon will put his fingers back down after a while and you will have wa,kthrough attack walkthrkugh all again!!! Fly out of the mountain and a small cutscene will introduce you to the Island of Creation.

Again, you will be attacked by griffins, some of them with riders, but harpies are joining free cartoon porn this time! Deal with the griffins the same way tentac,e you did last time. When three are dead, the rider you encountered last The Horny Games will return! Keep using Light Attacks and eventually the steed will fly ahead and it will be more avoiding energy blasts, but this time ALL of them can be avoided.

Dodge a few blasts and then the kill sequence will begin. You cannot afford become tentacle 2 walkthrough muck up, so stay focused and press the buttons indicated onscreen to finish off rider and steed. Then, Kratos will fall from the skies, press the button indicated before he plummets to his death! If done correctly, he will be on a walkthroguh when normal gameplay resumes.

walkthrough become tentacle 2

Head right to find a save point next to a ladder. Before ascending the ladder, go back round to where you climbed up and continue left to find a narrow path leading to a couple of chests, one of which tetacle a Phoenix Feather. Kill the soldiers, then climb up the next ladder and emerge into a large open space filled with hounds! No worries, instead of wasting time becomf with combos, simply run up to each hound and use Circle to grab them and damage them that way. If wallthrough like, after grabbing a become tentacle 2 walkthrough you may press Square to throw it at another hound, stunning both.

The hounds won't be able to damage you while you're grabbing, so it's much easier become tentacle 2 walkthrough deal with them this way. Now, run over to the circular platform and pull the lever to descend to a walkthrrough level. If you pull the door lever, the other gate will open. You can't do both at once, so return to the upper courtyard where the hounds waltkhrough become tentacle 2 walkthrough run over to the other side to the window.

Open the chests and then look around - what do you see? One of them still has flesh, Hentai Puzzle 6 him to cut him down then press R1 to pick him up. Return to the lever, put the tntacle down, then activate the lever to hentai hitomi to the lower level.

Laverne, a deranged medical student, is trapped in a dystopian future where tentacles rule free hentai flash world. And Bernard, a stereotypical nerd, walkthrougj in the present day. But despite the vast temporal gulf between them, they have to work together to stop their squishy nemesis. The puzzles are brilliantly designed, and the running joke of the characters carelessly meddling with the fabric of time to achieve relatively insignificant things—like changing the United States Constitution to make a family guy sex games item appear in become tentacle 2 walkthrough walkthrlugh years in the future—is a source of constant amusement.

But unlike most adventures from that era, they rarely feel unfair or deliberately obtuse. Paying attention to the environment and listening closely to dialogue always yields clues that become tentacle 2 walkthrough you in the right direction. There are a few puzzles that will have you reaching for a walkthrough, but over time you feel yourself slowly settling into its weird cartoon logic.

News:Mar 4, - Training someone to become a sex slave. 23 Jan 2 Comments Captive Market ~Trapped Elven Officers~ % Save + Walkthrough (English) (Game) Become Tentacle, Destroy The Town And Humiliate Girls!

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